Just when you thought the beef between “Watch The Throne” cohorts Hov & Kanye and Wheelchair Jimmy… we mean Drake was cooling off, it seems the trio have been exchanging verbal jabs at each other lyrically.

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Ivan Hernandez

I strongly believe that one of the coolest concepts I have learned is visual thinking.

Everything started after learning about mind mapping after reading Tony Buzan‘s book How to Mind Map (Amazon affiliate link).

Then I had the chance of studying Dan Roam‘s remarkable book The Back of the Napkin (Expanded Edition): Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures (Amazon affiliate link).

Today most of the strategic work I do, I do with a pad and a pen. So, when a few months ago I discovered the work of Sunni Brown, I really saw the value on her work. Here you can see examples of it on the Strategic Doodler Showcase.

Recently she gave a short TED Talk, in which she makes the case for unlocking your brain via pad and pen. Let’s doodle!


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Sir Emeth Mimetes

Multitasking is a common buzzword right now. And it is both decried as having a viciant and virulent effect on our capability to function with facility, and as being the prime panacea of production. Which is right?

Well, honestly, I don’t think either are right. I think multitasking has its place, and I think it has a great amount of value. But I don’t think it is always the most efficient way to do things, and do think there are many things which require something else: singletasking.

Now, I honestly haven’t really heard anyone talking about singletasking by that term… people generally use words like ‘focus’ and ‘dedication’ and whatnot. Singletasking involves those, but I prefer the term ‘singletask’ because it emphasizes the precisely unique and advantageous nature of itself: it is doing a single task, and nothing else.

And it is quite a bit harder to do, and far…

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