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Hey People, Just thought I'd share whats on my mind with you guys. I hope you have fun and I hope we connect. Peace, Tague



A doe eyed beauty in lace poses for her portrait at the studio of Edward Carey Dana in Brooklyn, New York. The studio was located at the intersection of Fulton and Bond Street. Dana also owned a studio in Pittsburgh. To learn more about the photographer, click on cabinet card gallery’s category, “Photographer: Dana”. This photograph is dated 1895. No identifying information is available concerning the pretty young woman who is the subject of this photograph.

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Day three in NYC – Man vs. food

Jim's Whimz

I’m surprised what a culinary flare our trip has taken so far. I really thought it would be mostly about sightseeing and we would grab food along the way and have a planned in advance meal or maybe two. In fact when I told people I was going to New York, they would all either ask where I was going to eat or make a suggestion and I would say, “I think we’ll mostly eat casual and see what happens.” As it turns out food has become a significant focal point of our trip. We have already dined at some pretty famous New York eateries in the Oyster Bar at Grand Central, ABC Kitchen in the Flatiron district and Joe Allen near Broadway. We have also discovered a few great slices along the streets and a fine Italian Trattoria post-theater named Tricolore. I couldn’t be more delighted. What we haven’t…

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$2200 – Greenpoint 2012: The year you make contact (Nassau G)


Unless you’ve traveled from Brooklyn to Jupiter and back at .9 times the speed of light over the course of five years, you may be a bit disoriented because 11.47 years would’ve passed here on earth.  Not only are all your friends now “so over New York and living in Venice Beach,”  you’ve missed how exponentially awesomer Greenpoint has gotten since you left.  Now that you’re back, here’s your chance to touch the monolith.

For your “twistening” pleasure:

Dave Bowman: My God, it’s full of stars!

  • Er, vinyl siding.  Slightly obscured by the shrub is the “DENTIST” awning signifying the former tenant and your wide-open potential for an amateur crack at a new cottage venture.

Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
HAL: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

  • Don’t listen to HAL.  Come right in and slide on your socks all the way…

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New Sleigh Bells Song – “Comeback Kid”


Sleigh Bells is releasing their new album “Reign Of Terror” on February 21st via Mom+Pop. The band will be co headlining a short tour with Diplo in February in support of the new record. Sleigh Bells 2010 debut release “Treats” was a hit in the indie rock community and I personally thought it was amazing. Sleigh Bells has this strange sound of blown-out drums and synth mixed with highly distorted guitar rifts that they manage to pull off with perfection. The band consists of Derek Miller (Ex-Poison The Well) and Alison Krauss (Ex-RubyBlue). The two members of the band come from very different musical backgrounds, Hardcore and Teen Pop, and I think that’s what makes them so bizarre but such a fresh sound in the saturated music industry. Sleigh Bells has released two songs since the announcement of their record, “Born To Lose” and “Comeback Kid”. When I first heard “Born…

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OK, so here it is… some of the staff believe Beyonce’s bump is fake, but others think this conspiracy mess has gone too far.

Why would a woman have to fake a pregnancy? Well, even Wendy Williams doesn’t believe we are on earth and Beyonce is human enough to get pregnant. SMH

Pop to the top to watch Wendy and her staff question reality and give sorry examples of “How Pregnant People Sit”

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Jay, Barry and Chuck's OM Blog

Last Saturday, we had a bunch of friends over for dinner and the talk turned to  productivity, about which we write in Chapter 1 (p.13): “Productivity is an excellent way to evaluate a country’s ability to provide an improving standard of living for its people. Only through increases in productivity can the standard of living increase“.

But here was the gist of the conversation— From a pediatrician: “We have a practice of 22 doctors and business is stable. Six staff turned over this year, but because of the economy, we only replaced two. The  work was split among the rest, who each got more hours”. From an ophthalmologist: “I am a sole practitioner, but when two staff left this year, I only replaced one.” From a lawyer: ” My firm made offers to two dozen new associates this year. But with the downturn, we rescinded the start dates by one year. Current…

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