The Black genocide in Libya is real:

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OK, so here it is… some of the staff believe Beyonce’s bump is fake, but others think this conspiracy mess has gone too far.

Why would a woman have to fake a pregnancy? Well, even Wendy Williams doesn’t believe we are on earth and Beyonce is human enough to get pregnant. SMH

Pop to the top to watch Wendy and her staff question reality and give sorry examples of “How Pregnant People Sit”

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Jay, Barry and Chuck's OM Blog

Last Saturday, we had a bunch of friends over for dinner and the talk turned to  productivity, about which we write in Chapter 1 (p.13): “Productivity is an excellent way to evaluate a country’s ability to provide an improving standard of living for its people. Only through increases in productivity can the standard of living increase“.

But here was the gist of the conversation— From a pediatrician: “We have a practice of 22 doctors and business is stable. Six staff turned over this year, but because of the economy, we only replaced two. The  work was split among the rest, who each got more hours”. From an ophthalmologist: “I am a sole practitioner, but when two staff left this year, I only replaced one.” From a lawyer: ” My firm made offers to two dozen new associates this year. But with the downturn, we rescinded the start dates by one year. Current…

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Ivan Hernandez

I strongly believe that one of the coolest concepts I have learned is visual thinking.

Everything started after learning about mind mapping after reading Tony Buzan‘s book How to Mind Map (Amazon affiliate link).

Then I had the chance of studying Dan Roam‘s remarkable book The Back of the Napkin (Expanded Edition): Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures (Amazon affiliate link).

Today most of the strategic work I do, I do with a pad and a pen. So, when a few months ago I discovered the work of Sunni Brown, I really saw the value on her work. Here you can see examples of it on the Strategic Doodler Showcase.

Recently she gave a short TED Talk, in which she makes the case for unlocking your brain via pad and pen. Let’s doodle!


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